Mark Mesenko

I’m a 4th generation Montanan and have been shooting photos for about 40 years. I was born in Missoula, and have lived here most of my life, but I still can’t get enough of Western Montana. I have an insatiable desire to be out there soaking it all in, over and over. I’m amazed that after all this time, I’m still discovering new scenes and new places. Sometimes I just sit there in awe and imagine what it must have been like before man arrived. 

Montana is a special place to many people. Some grew up here, some went to school here, and some visited here on business or vacation. I love to capture the images and the feelings that go along with them, and then share them with people all over the world. I feel very lucky, and am very appreciative of all of the feedback and emails I receive daily. I wish I could respond to every one of you.

My photos have been purchased by collectors all over the world, and hang in offices and halls of small businesses, hospitals and Fortune 500 companies. My work reaches millions of people monthly through the magic of social media. I have won numerous awards and competitions over the years, but really that's not what it's all about. I think of my images as windows on a world that most people aren’t fortunate enough to see. I’m grateful for these glimpses into inspiring beauty. Gazing into one of these images—or even through one—can evoke a Zen moment. I thank you for sharing these moments with me. 

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